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Google prepping Android Messages for web

Google HQ

Google is pushing a new update to Android Messages and while the software may appear innocuous, a teardown by Android Police has revealed a lot of changes under the hood. The biggest change is that Google appears to be prepping Android Messages for web use, allowing users to carry on their communications between paired phones, laptops, and desktops. Users will go to a website on their computer and then scan the QR code with their phone to pair the devices.

Google is also planning to heavily push Rich Communication Services (RCS) texting, which adds features like texting over data, read receipts, and HD photos. The promotional text makes it sound as though Google will be handling the features, which is interesting, as RCS is generally implemented by carriers, not intermediaries.

The other change is that Google will add purchases to Android Messages. It’s not entirely clear as to how this will be laid out in Messages. It could arise as sending payments between individuals, or it could be implemented as a shopping feature for businesses to send advertisements directly to customers, with the option for customers to securely purchase from within Android Messages.

The update is rolling out now, but do remember that these features aren’t currently in place and may not come to fruition. As of now, Google has only laid the framework for these features, which is no guarantee of their existence.

What are your thoughts on these potential changes?

Source: Android Police

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