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Instagram launches ‘Type Mode in Stories’ for text-only posts


If you have ever wanted to quickly share an Instagram story with something you had on your mind but didn’t want to express that thought with a photo or video, a new text-only option might make that easier to achieve.

Today Instagram officially announced a new “Type Mode in Stories” feature which, as the name suggests, offers a text-only way¬†to quickly share a story on the social network. This new feature doesn’t require that you upload a photo or video to share your story, so if you just want to type out a quick line of text and share it to your Instagram crowd, you can do that.

To make it happen, you will swipe over to the camera as you normally would for a story, then select the “Type” option that’s next to the record button. Once you do that you will be able to type in whatever you want, and select different text and background styles to spruce things up.

The new text styles that Instagram is adding in Type Mode is also available in the standard Stories, so you can add the new text flares to your photos and videos as you see fit.

The new version of Instagram is now available in the Play Store, and Type Mode is now available.

What do you think of the new Stories feature?

Via: Instagram Blog

Source: Instagram (Google Play)

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