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Lava Red OnePlus 5T finally available in the US and UK in time for Valentine’s Day


The OnePlus 5T has been an undeniable hit for the company with almost universal praise for the device from reviewers and customers alike since the release last November. OnePlus has kept things fresh with the device with a number of different limited edition color variants, including a Star Wars edition and the throwback Sandstone color. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the company is bringing Lava Red to the mix for the US and UK. And pretty literally this is down to the wire on the release schedule, with free expedited shipping through Feb. 9th to get it to you in time for the 14th.

Beyond the solid hardware, the OnePlus 5T has also enjoyed a much better update track record than even many of the traditional flagships, and more adventurous users can check out the beta channel with experimental new features like gesture controls that arrived on the 5T Open Beta 3 last week.

For those of you that feel like you’ve heard this all before, this isn’t the first time we have seen the 5T in red, but the color was originally an exclusive to China. If previous limited edition color runs are any indication, this one probably won’t be around for too long, so if the Lava Red OnePlus 5T is something you need in your life be ready to pull hit the buy button at 10 a.m. Eastern tomorrow.

Source: OnePlus

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