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OnePlus denies there is a OnePlus X2 in the works

OnePlus X Onyx

For a brief moment, there was a rumor that OnePlus was working on a followup to the OnePlus X, a device launched back in 2015.

Turns out that might not be the case, though. OnePlus CEO Carl Pei took to Twitter to say that the company is not working on a OnePlus X2. He didn’t mince words, either, simply stating, “Nope” when replying to the link that led to the rumor.

Of course, CEOs and company spokespeople aren’t always going to be up front about a new, unannounced device. Does that mean that OnePlus is actually working on a OnePlus X2 and Pei is just trying to divert attention until the company is ready to announce something? Maybe.

But if we take Pei’s word here, then it looks like fans of the OnePlus X don’t have a successor to look forward to anytime soon.

Source: @getpeid

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