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Razer launches a special 2018 Gold Edition Razer Phone


Razer launched its first smartphone at the tail-end of last year which showcased the company’s familiar green-on-black logo on the back of the handset. Now, to celebrate the Year of the Dog on the Chinese calendar and the Spring Festival, Razer has launched a brand new “2018 Gold Edition” of the Razer Phone.

The company is keeping the general aesthetic the same from the standard model Razer Phone to this special edition, with the majority of the handset still clad in black. However, that logo on the back is now gold. The phone also comes in special red and gold packaging. There are some gold-highlighted three-headed snake logo stickers included in the box, too.

Razer isn’t changing the price of this 2018 Gold Edition Razer Phone, so if you’re interested in picking it up, you’ll have to fork over $699. The handset is available from Razer’s online store in the United States and in Hong Kong, and at Three wireless retail stores in Hong Kong, too.

As far as special editions go, this is probably not as eye-catching as some might expect.

Source: Razer

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