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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 likely won’t have in-display fingerprint sensor


With every Samsung flagship release, we expect to see an in-display fingerprint sensor. Of course the rumor mills claim that Samsung is working hard on the tech, but it hasn’t come to fruition so far (and won’t be coming to the Galaxy S9 if these rumors are to be believed).

However, it seems that we shouldn’t hold our breath for this tech to come to the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 either. A report from Korean news site The Bell claims that sources from the supply chain say that the fingerprint sensor will once again be on the back.

This may be because Samsung is trying to create its own in-display fingerprint sensor. These sensors are already on the market from Synaptics, but only time will tell if they perform as well as the standard rear-mounted sensors. As cool as an in-display sensor is, it’s not exactly critical to function.

Mass production on the device should start in June ahead of its August release, so those of you who are waiting for the device have a while to wait. Maybe things will change until then, but an in-display fingerprint sensor is not looking likely.

Via: SamMobile

Source: The Bell

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