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Samsung Pay halves the rewards points you can earn


Samsung Pay is Samsung’s answer to Android Pay, which has now been renamed to Google Pay. Not only does it offer magnetic strip payments (which make it compatible with regular payment terminals rather than just NFC ones), but Samsung also offers rewards for using their payment system.

Unfortunately the time has finally come for the rewards to start tapering off. Samsung has halved the amount of points you earn per purchase without adjusting the amount of points needed for rewards. Regular members will now earn 5 points per purchase, silver members earn 10, gold members earn 15, and platinum members earn 20. Every single tier now gives half the points it used to.

For casual users, this will make it even harder to get any substantial rewards. Nonetheless, it should be expected that a rewards program meant to entice users into switching to Samsung Pay is not giving out as much as it used to. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Android Police

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