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Some Moto Z2 Force owners seeing Shattershield screen peeling


The Moto Z2 Force features a Shattershield screen. It doesn’t shatter because it’s made out of plastic instead of glass, meaning it won’t become useless from one drop but will scratch very easily where glass wouldn’t. It’s a tradeoff many people are willing to make given how fragile glass is.

Unfortunately, owners of the Moto Z2 Force are now having issues with the Shattershield display. The top layer of plastic is peeling off, making it look like a cheap screen protector was improperly applied. And even worse is that Motorola does not sell this part; it’s an integral part of the phone and can’t be ordered.


The peeling is occurring around the fingerpritn sensor and corners of the device, sometimes after only a few months of ownership. Motorola is replacing devices in some instances, but Motorola has not officially acknowledged the issue and some reps have claimed that this issue is not covered under warranty.

If you’re thinking of picking up a Moto Z2 Force, keep this issue in mind. It might be better to get a glass phone and slap a tempered glass screen protector on it.

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Via: Android Police

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