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Sprint now aiming for first half of 2019 for 5G network launch

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Way back in May of last year, Sprint announced that it was planning on launching its 5G network in late 2019, but at the time, Sprint wasn’t too keen on providing any real details.

Now Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has revised that 5G launch timeline, taking to Twitter to confirm that the network will have “5G blazing fast speeds, low latency, & multi Gbps for both download & upload.” Claure also stated that Sprint will be the only carrier that “won’t have to compromise its 5G network experience” as it prepares for a nationwide, mobile 5G network rollout in 2019.

In the tweets, Claure states that the Sprint 5G network will launch in 2019. It wasn’t until the company’s Q3 2017 earnings call that Claure clarified, stating that the 5G network will launch in “the first half of 2019.”

On top of the 5G network news, Sprint’s CEO also detailed a few other key network improvements, including tri-band site upgrades, which Claure says will leverage the overall spectrum for better performance for customers. Sprint will also be launching several thousand more cell cites, which should make coverage more dense and more readily available.

It’s good to see all the major wireless networks in the United States preparing for the next big upgrade to the national wireless coverage. It will be fun to see which carriers can launch and expand first, and with the best possible results for customers.

Source: Marcelo Claure (Twitter)

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