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Turing Robotics filing for bankruptcy

Turing Phone

Turing Robotic is a company you may not recall, and that’s because the company created one smartphone that never shipped. The Turing Phone was announced in 2015 and boasted security features like end-to-end authentication, as well as a ruggedized body made out of a unique alloy that was tougher than titanium. Delay after delay plagued the device, and in 2016, Turing decided that the device would ship with Sailfish OS instead of Android. As you can guess, the concept never came to fruition.

Now, Turing Robotics has filed for bankruptcy in its home country of Finland. Moreover, the company’s creditors reportedly filed a claim in 2017 and seized all of the company’s movable assets. Turing’s CEO, Steve Chao, is claiming that the company isn’t over, despite its failure to ship a smartphone announced three years ago. To top things off, Chao is starting a new company in Salo, Finland, called Turing Robotics Industries Kepler. The company’s plans have yet to be revealed.

TL;DR Turing is dead.

Via: Engadget

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