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Twitter launches Bookmarks to save tweets for later viewing


According to Twitter, having a quick and easy way to save a tweet to view for later without directly engaging with the tweet or the person who tweeted the content has been one of the most requested features for the social platform.

Last year, during Twitter’s Hack Week conference, it announced that it was working on a bookmarking or “save for later” feature and that it would roll out the feature to the public when it was ready for mass consumption. That time has finally arrived, as Twitter has just announced that bookmarks are now rolling out.

Bookmarks are part of a new sharing feature built right into the Twitter platform for the official apps. Now when you view a tweet, you will see a new share option underneath the tweet. Clicking or tapping it will bring up several different options, including the ability to share the tweet via a Direct Message or to share it outside of Twitter. The final option is to privately bookmark it, which will let you view it later.

Up until this point, the only way to save a tweet to see later would be to either retweet it or like it. In both cases, the person that tweeted the original content would be made aware that their tweet was retweeted or liked. The bookmarking feature avoids this by skipping the direct engagement with the content. Users are simply saving it for later.

To view your saved bookmarks, just open the side-menu and there will be a new Bookmarks option. The saved tweets will be in there, ready to view in a nice, easy-to-digest list.

Bookmarks for Twitter is rolling out beginning today for the official Android app, as well as the iOS app, Twitter Lite, and on the mobile website.

What do you think of the new bookmarking feature?

Source: Twitter Blog

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