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Updated YouTube Go app now available in over 130 countries


YouTube Go, a version of the YouTube app designed for users with more restrictive data access, first launched in India last year and ended 2017 with 15 total countries. Today that number is being expanded significantly with over 130 countries now able to enjoy the benefits of YouTube Go.

The primary focus for YouTube Go is to provide the user with significantly greater control over the amount of data used, including the size of the app itself at under 10MB versus the almost 86MB for the standard YouTube app. When you tap on a thumbnail you are given a quick preview of the video and at that point you are able to decide if you would like to watch the whole video now or download it for later and how much data you want to use (basic, standard or high quality) to dictate the video resolution. The addition of high quality was made recently in response to user feedback.

YouTube Go also has a stronger localization component than YouTube proper with the home page of the app displaying videos that are popular or trending in your region rather than the YouTube community at large.

Finally, the app has gained some powerful new sharing features in the update accompanying today’s expansion, including the ability to share multiple videos at the same time and sharing videos without consuming data.

Google hasn’t released a full list of the countries added today, but if YouTube Go sounds like a good fit for you then take a look in the Play Store, as there’s a pretty good chance it’ll be there now.

Source: YouTube Official Blog

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