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YouTube TV to add new channels and markets along with a price increase


YouTube TV is a great service for those looking to stop paying for cable, but its selection of channels is still pretty light. It also may not be available in your market as Google is gradually rolling it out.

Fortunately, it looks like there’s going to be yet another update to the service. A now-removed post by BuzzFeed may have shared some embargoed info about the service’s upcoming changes.

The service will soon be available in the cities of Champaign, Charleston, Columbia, Burlington, Dayton, El Paso, Harlingen, Honolulu, Lexington, Mobile, Petersburg, Plattsburgh, Richmond, Scranton, Springfield, Syracuse, Wichita, and Wilkes-Barre, bringing the total up to over 100 cities.

The new channels to be added are Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, CNN, TBS, TNT, truTV, and Turner Classic Movies. Basketball fans will be getting NBA TV, MBA games, Allstar weekend, and playoffs. Baseball fans will get the MLB Network and MLB Postseason games. Soccer (excuse me, football) fans get UEFA soccer, and golf fans get the PGA championships. For an extra subscription fee, the option of MLB.TV and NBA League Pass will also be available.

Unfortunately, this will also come with a price increase. Current subscribers will continue to pay the $35 a month, but new subscribers will be paying $40 a month after March 13.

These new channels will be available on February 14, if the post is to be believed. We will have to wait for Google to make an official announcement. Nonetheless, the new channels are welcome. If you’re interested in YouTube TV, it’s a good time to sign up while the price is still low!

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Source: BuzzFeed

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