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Tudia LULA 2.0 case for Essential Phone review


You may remember that I recently reviewed the entire Tudia case lineup for the Essential Phone. One of those cases was the LULA, a unique case with one major flaw (and another I discovered later). The power button was terrible, requiring shimming to function. The case was also a bit too tight, so after a dozen or so removals and installations, one corner cracked. Of course most people’s cases won’t go through that much use, but it’s a flaw nonetheless.


Tudia heard the community and released a second version of the LULA case to replace the original. This case has a cutout for the power button rather than a part covering it. The cutout is much bigger than the button and is sloped so it’s very easy to find and click. I usually hate button cutouts, but this one is designed in a very user friendly manner.


Another change from the previous version is that the grip on the phone isn’t so strong. It was a really tight case before. It remains plenty tight, but it’s much easier to install and remove. This may be a manufacturing tolerances, but it’s a complaint Tudia has heard before so it might be an intentional change.


Otherwise it’s the same case as before. The back is a very pleasant soft touch material and has a cutout for the 360 camera but otherwise protects the device.


All the cutouts remain pretty much perfect. The price also remains the same at $10.90. It’s a great case on a budget with no issues like the previous version. It comes in matte black, metallic slate, rose gold, and mint. Pick yours up on Amazon!

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