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Android P developer preview reportedly eyeing a mid-March launch

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While the Android distribution numbers just saw Nougat claim the top spot last month with Oreo finally cresting 1%, the march of Android progress continues on and according to the oft-correct Evan Blass our first look at Android P is right around the corner.

The mid-March timing would not be shocking of course as last year we saw the first developer preview of Android O on March 21st. Personally I have a hard time picturing Google engineers letting a perfectly reasonable joke like releasing Android P on Pi Day go by, but then again they may find not releasing it on Pi Day to be equally funny in messing with our expectations.

We haven’t heard too many whispers regarding Android P to date beyond a single piece of reporting that suggested Android P would represent a major overhaul with added focus on Google Assistant and the introduction of a notch design to the Pixel hardware. While this all seems perfectly plausible, it’s perhaps worth noting that there have been no corroborating reports nearly a month after that story broke which is somewhat unusual. Admittedly, this could also just be wishful thinking on my part as I personally cannot stand the notch design trend, but naturally support for a notch in the OS doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about the Pixel hardware as Google was bound to support the feature given the number of manufacturers implementing it.

Fortunately, idle speculation about the contents of Android P will be over soon with mid-March nearly upon us.

Any features that you are dying to see from Android P?

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