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Essential president says over 100,000 phones sold in 2017

Essential Phone

It was previously reported that Essential had sold only 88,000 devices in 2017. While it wasn’t entirely unexpected for a startup brand with no name recognition, especially in a highly competitive space, it wasn’t the best news for the company.

However, those estimates seem to be inaccurate. Essential president Niccolo de Masi says that phone sales are “well in the 6 figures for last year.” It sounds like sales have not been nearly as bad as reported.

While the big companies are selling millions of flagships, Essential is just getting started. After a very rocky launch, the Essential Phone  has been receiving constant security updates (occasionally beating Google itself), the latest software in the form of stable betas (that come as OTAs, no less), a few price drops, and massively improved performance and camera quality. These improvements and the team’s focus on bettering the experience for current customers has put the company in good favor with a lot of people.

Once the brand has been better established, we hope to see Andy Rubin’s company succeed in the smartphone world.

Source: Forbes

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