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Gmail for Android now supports different inbox types


Gmail for Android is one of the better email applications out there, but there’s always room for improvement. And for Gmail users on the web and iOS, the ability to sort inbox types has been available for a bit of time.

Now Google is finally bringing this feature to Android users, as it has confirmed today. If you have selected a specific inbox type on the web, you will now see that configuration in the Gmail for Android app as well. If you want to change your inbox type on mobile, you will be able to do that, too, by going into Settings -> Inbox type.


If you change this inbox type on Android, the selection will be reflected on web and iOS.

According to Google, the new feature is rolling out beginning today, but this is a staggered update so it could take up to 15 days before Gmail for Android users see the feature available to them.

Is the Gmail for Android your standard email app on your phone?

Source: G Suite Blog

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