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Google allegedly planning to buy Lytro for up to $40 million


Google is allegedly buying yet another company. This time it’s Lytro, and the price is somewhere between $25 million and $40 million.

Lytro became well known when it released its first generation light field camera, which could focus on different parts of the image with a tap (a bit like current portrait modes on smartphones). The company has now diversified into the virtual reality market with its technology.

Unfortunately for Lytro, this isn’t the best news. The company was valued at $360 million last year, so a mere $40 million isn’t great. The purchase might also be for the companies assets rather than the entire company, which will leave many employees without jobs.

None of this is confirmed so we’ll have to wait for an official press release to learn the full story. Nonetheless, the purchase makes perfect sense for Google. With the companies focus on camera software and both AR and VR, Lytro’s technology and assets will fit the companies needs.

Source: TechCrunch

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