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Google improving Files Go with search and more

Google Go Files official

At the end of 2017, Google introduced Files Go, an Android app that helped users to free up space and quickly share files while offline with people close by. The app has been well-received, and users save an average of 1GB of storage space when using Files Go. True to its nature, though, Google isn’t letting Files Go fall by the wayside, and is utilizing user feedback as it works to improve the app.

Three major improvements are arriving with the latest update to Files Go. Most important is the addition of a search bar that brings in Google’s best search features, including instant results, autocomplete, and filters. Users can now quickly search for specific files on their phone, even while offline, using Google’s invaluable search technology.

Files Go also finds duplicate files and suggests their removal to users. But now, users will have an opportunity to see where the duplicate files are located before they delete them, making it easier to know what changes are being made.

Finally, Google Photos is now integrated with Files Go. When Google Photos backups photos, Files Go will now suggest that users remove those files from their phone’s storage.

These features are now rolling out to Files Go users. Drop a comment down below and let us know what you think of them!

Source: Google

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