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HTC’s VP of product management and Motorola’s president both depart


We lost two higher-ups from two big companies this week. At HTC, VP of product management Mo Versi has departed the company after 8 years. Though he was the VP of product management, he was best known for bringing the news of any software updates to Twitter. It was a very personal way of delivering the news, which likely helped HTC’s image in enthusiasts’ eyes quite a bit.

Another departure is Motorola’s president Aymar de Lencquesaing. He spent two years in that position and has officially resigned (and the official reason given is his disdain for traveling far from his family). He has been replaced by Sergio Buniac, who has spent 20 years at Motorola. 

While the changeup at HTC is unlikely to change anything, we’re hoping to see some changes with Motorola. Though with Lenovo’s control over them, it’s very unlikely.

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Source: Motorola Blog

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