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Huawei allows you to ‘turn off’ the P20′s notch


The notch is a strange feature. Some people are okay with it, and some hate it. And we can see why people hate it, as it intrudes into the display. When it comes to the Huawei P20, it was used to create a total lack of three of the four bezels while fitting sensors and a camera at the top.

Thankfully, Huawei understands that this is a controversial feature, so the company allows you to “turn off” the notch. This simply makes the status bar black so the notch is hidden. While you can still see it at some angles and in some light, it should make the user experience a bit more seamless for those who think that the notch is intrusive.

So if you’ve been put off by the notch, the P20 and P20 Pro¬†are solid options that allow you to mostly avoid it.

Via: The Verge

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