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Instagram adds hashtags and profile links in bios


Last year, Instagram introduced the ability to follow hashtags, making it easier than ever to find content you like and make sure it crops up into your feed.

Now Instagram is adding the ability to include hashtags right inside your bio, giving users the ability to showcase the things they like right in their profile. That means you can add things like “#guitarlover” or “#pencilsketching” to your bio, letting visitors know that’s what you’re into. Those hashtags will lead visitors to that content, too, so they can see what is being added to those hashtags.


Instagram is also adding the ability to add a profile link into your bio. That means you can add the “@” icon along with an Instagram username and a quick link to that profile will populate within your bio.

Be aware, though: If you add a profile link into your bio, the user of the profile you’re linking to will get a notification and they will have the ability to remove that link from your bio. In that case, the profile will remain in your bio, but there won’t be a link that will take visitors directly to that user’s individual profile.

The new feature is rolling out now, so make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the Instagram app installed.

Source: Instagram News

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