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Instagram code suggests that voice and video calling are coming to the app


Most people think of Instagram as a photo-sharing service, but soon it may becoming a calling service, too.

Instagram appears to be prepping voice and video calling support for its app. Files inside the Instagram app for Android app’s APK that are named “call” and “video_call” have been discovered by Ishan Agarwal, and they include images of a phone and a camera.


When asked about these files, Instagram simply said that it couldn’t comment on them.

We’ll have to wait and see if Instagram actually does roll out voice and video calling, but it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see it try these features out. Instagram wants people to spend more time in its app, and by adding voice and video calling, it can get people to stay in Instagram rather than jump to their phone app. Plus, Snapchat has had video calling for a few years now, so it’s kind of surprising that it’s taken this long for Instagram to try calling out for itself.

Would you use voice or video calling with Instagram if these features were rolled out?

Source: TechCrunch

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