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Instagram tweaking feed so that newer posts will appear at the top


Instagram has caught a lot of flak for its algorithmic timeline since the feature rolled out in 2016, but now it sounds like the Instagram is tweaking your feed for the better.

Instagram says that it’s now changing your feed “to ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear first in feed.” With this change, you should start to see recent posts at the top of your feed rather than posts that are a day or two old.

The algorthimic feed used by Instagram aims to show you posts that it believes you’ll want to see more than others. However, this also means that you’re going to see posts out of chronological order, you’re going to see posts that are a couple of days old, and you may miss some posts entirely. While Instagram isn’t going back to a totally chronological feed, this change does make it sound like you’re more likely to see new posts as they come in.

Also rolling out is a “New Posts” button. When you tap this button, your feed will refresh and you’ll be taken to the top. This feature aims to prevent your feed from automatically refreshing and sending you to the top of the timeline when you’re not ready for it.

Source: Instagram

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