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New Toyota Corolla Hatchback embraces Apple CarPlay, but still no Android Auto


When Apple CarPlay is offered in a car or even an aftermarket head unit, you can be sure that Android Auto is available right beside it. The two are always seen together, but apparently Toyota wants to change that.

The company unveiled their new 2019 Corolla Hatchback, a replacement for the current Corolla iM (previously the Scion iM). Built on the new TNGA platform and offering a new 2.0 liter engine paired with either a CVT or the coveted 6-speed manual, it looks like a really awesome car.


However, the problem comes with the interior. Inside you’ll find an 8-inch display that features both Amazon Alexa integration and Apple CarPlay…and Android Auto is nowhere to be seen. Toyota has always been slow to adopt new technologies (a double-edged sword for the car maker known for stellar reliability at the cost of slower progress) but the move to integrate CarPlay but not Android Auto is an annoying one.

Rumors circulating around the internet say this is a matter of data sharing. Toyota couldn’t reach an agreement with Google on how much data is collected by Android Auto, so it decided to leave it out of the car. The validity of these rumors is entirely unknown.

Nonetheless, it’s an awesome car with good looks and packed with tech. And most importantly, it’ll have a 6-speed manual. It’s just a shame that the biggest smartphone operating system in the world isn’t supported by the biggest car manufacturer in the world.

Source: Toyota Pressroom

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