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You can now use Google Assistant to send and request money through Google Pay


Being able to quickly send or receive money is a must-have feature these days for a lot of people, and now Google Assistant users can do just that.

Today Google announced that Google Assistant supports not only sending money to friends and contacts using Google Pay, but also supports requesting money. It’s all free, and Google also confirmed it works for Android and iOS users. It will also be available on Google Home smart speakers in the coming months.

Getting it to work is pretty straightforward. Just say something like “Hey Google, request $10 from Jerry for the movie tickets last night”, or “Hey, Google, send Jeff $10 for the beers last night”. The first time you go through the process, you will go through a quick setup that includes Google Pay, confirming your cards and payment methods, and so on.

If you send money to someone who¬†doesn’t have Google Pay, then they will get an email or text that will help them cash out the money you sent to them.

The transaction is finalized and authenticated with either a Google Pay password being entered or with a fingerprint scan on supported devices.

The new feature is available now, so you can use your voice to quickly send or request money by way of the Google Assistant.

How often do you think you’ll use this feature?

Source: Google Blog

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