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Amazon hints at the Fire TV Cube


In September of last year, there was a report that aimed to shed light on new models of Fire TV streaming boxes Amazon might be launching in the near future.

The first of the two new devices was a standard dongle which would connect to a TV via a dedicated HDMI cable. It would come with a remote that included a button to activate Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa. Meanwhile, the second new device was a small cube which would also include the ability to control Alexa without the requirement of a remote. You could just use your voice, similar to an Echo Dot.


While the dongle eventually showed up, that streaming box never did. But, it looks like that’s going to change here soon. AFTVNews has a report that reveals Amazon has launched a dedicated page for the “Fire TV Cube”. It was believed that Amazon launched the page by accident, giving a quick hint at what was to come. However, Amazon has revealed that while it’s not an official announcement, they definitely meant to launch the page and start teasing something new.

The webpage is simple enough, with big, bold text that reads “What is Fire TV Cube?” and then says “Detains coming soon.” You can click a box to sign up to learn more as Amazon announces whatever the new streaming box is, but you’ll have to hand over your email to do that.

Otherwise, there isn’t much to go on here. If the previous rumors are true, this sounds like an Echo Dot-like device with voice support, but still primarily a streaming device. What do you think of the idea?

Source: AFTVNews

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