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Android P will remember per-device Bluetooth volume levels


If you use multiple Bluetooth devices, you have discovered that volume levels can sometimes get pretty wonky, especially if you have one device that requires the volume level to be much higher than the others.

But the days of getting your ears blasted by ridiculously loud music are finally coming to an end, according to a report from Android Police. Android P will remember individual device Bluetooth volume preferences from one to the next, storing the last volume level used in a preference file.

As you set the volume level for each device, the handset you’re using should remember those levels and automatically switch back to the proper level as you switch back and forth. Certain Samsung-branded smartphones already support this feature, but it’s good to finally see it arriving as a stock feature for Android.

The report indicates that this particular update has already been approved and merged into the software. Developers should see it in one of the upcoming developer previews ahead of its public arrival later this year.

How excited are you for this addition?

Source: Android Police

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