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Google could be creating a smart display device


According to a report from Variety, Google is looking into ways to create its own smart display device. This smart display device would rival Amazon’s Echo Show, which boasts the assistant technology of Amazon Alexa, with the added opportunities of a display, which include video calls, the ability to show media, and an easy way to see web searches placed by voice.

The topic of Google creating its own smart display device arose during Variety‘s interview with Rishi Chandra, a Google VP. In January, Google announced that it was partnering with other manufacturers to help them create smart display devices using Google’s Assistant technology. When pressed as to why Google is choosing to work with partners rather than creating its own device, Chandra stated, “It’s an emerging category. I’m not saying we are not going to do it.”

Google already has its existing line of speaker assistants, including the standard Google Home, budget-friendly Google Home Mini, and premium Google Home Max. The company also has a growing number of hardware capabilities with its investments in Nest and the HTC team behind the Pixel, as well as its experience with the Chromecast and WiFi routers.

Will Google create its own smart display device? Though it isn’t set in stone, it seems likely that Google is planning a smart display device as the next addition to its Home line.

What do you think of this possibility?

Source: Variety

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