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Google planning ‘AltOS’ to run Windows on Pixelbook

Google Pixelbook

Google may be working on an “AltOS” feature that would allow its high-end Pixelbook to run both Windows and Chrome OS. Redditors perusing the latest Chrome OS build found early references to “AltOS”, as well as an operating system selection screen and a reference to booting Windows on a Pixelbook. While this is only the smallest snippet of information to work off of, it indicates that Google is dabbling with the idea of allowing multiple operating systems for Pixelbook users.

Though revered as an incredible piece of hardware, the Pixelbook faces a stiff challenge in that it only runs Chrome OS. While the cloud-based OS has come a long way, it lacks the ability to run traditional desktop applications and potential customers are often worried that it won’t be able to accomplish all their needs. And with a price of $999, it’s too expensive to pose a challenge to its Chromebook brethren (not that it’s intended to).

Google I/O 2018 kicks off on May 8 and if the company is serious about AltOS, we may get more details on the project. Keep it locked on Android and Me for more rumors and reports regarding Chrome OS!

Via: Android Police

Source: Reddit

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