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HP announces new Chromebook with Surface-like detachable keyboard


HP’s latest Chromebook emulates the style made famous by the Microsoft Surface line of computers. The HP Chromebook X2 features a slim tablet shape with a detachable keyboard and even a pen (though it’s not included on all models).

Unlike the Surface models, it doesn’t need a kickstand, as the keyboard’s hinge keeps the tablet upright by itself. As a Surface Pro owner, I think this is the way to go. It also features a line of Intels’s 7th gen Core processors, up to 8GB of RAM, 10 hours of battery life, up to 32GB of memory with a microSD card, dual USB Type-C ports, and a weight of 1.62 lbs without the keyboard and 3.14 lbs with the keyboard.

Of course, Chrome OS is far more limited than other operating systems, but it has plenty of functions. Also included is access to the Play Store, giving you even more function and fun on the tablet.

It’s interesting to see a tablet Chromebook. With Play Store access and more functionality than Android with the keyboard attached, could this be the future of Android tablets? Tablet-specific Android software isn’t Google’s priority and tablet releases have been sparse these days, so moving the tablet market to Chromebooks makes some sense.

The device will be available at HP and Best Buy on June 10 for $599.99.

Source: HP

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