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Huawei P20 Pro and Lite coming to India


Huawei’s latest two devices are coming to India, exclusively to Amazon.in. The flagship P20 Pro and its little brother P20 Lite are both heading to the country, not long after the rumor that they are also coming to Canada.

The flagship with its triple camera setup that tops the DxOMark charts will cost ₹64,999, or around $979. It’s definitely very pricey, but it’s also Huawei’s most advanced device. The P20 Lite contrasts that with a ₹19,999 price tag, or $301 USD.

There is no launch date other than “coming soon” but it’s good to see the duo coming to more areas. More choice is always better, which makes it even sadder that the US government is cracking down on Huawei. Will you be picking one up? Leave a comment!

Source: Amazon.in

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