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Master & Dynamic announces Digital Accessories USB-C headphone cable


Master & Dynamic, makers of high-end headphones like the MW60 that we reviewed last year, are famous for their ridiculous material quality and attention to detail. The latest product announced by company is Digital Accessories cables, 3.5mm cables with either a USB Type-C or a Lightning connector.

The DAC is built-in and, despite being from Master & Dynamic, these cables should work with any headphones that have 3.5mm jacks (even Bluetooth ones with a 3.5mm backup!). The cord is braided and the remote is made out of metal.

Despite Bluetooth being all the rage and the 3.5mm jack dying, wired is still king when it comes to audio quality. This accessory will bring your old wired headphones a bit closer to relevancy, allowing you to carry a full fledged cable with all the buttons and a microphone without needing to worry about remembering to bring an adapter. And considering the company’s reputation, the DAC should be quite good.


The cables are available today, with the USB-C version costing $49 and the Lightning version costing $69. You can get them in both black and silver. Plus you can get them for 50% off between April 24 and 29! Will you be picking one up?

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