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Nest Thermostat E on sale for $110 on Woot


The Nest line of thermostats is perhaps one of the best on the market, thanks in part to its simplicity and user friendliness. Even the installation process is super easy. And now you can get the cheaper Nest Thermostat E for a substantial discount!

The Nest Thermostat E differs from its more expensive, fancier counterpart in that it supports fewer wiring systems, meaning it may not be compatible with every single home (though a large majority will be compatible) and its frosted display does not support FarSight. However, the functionality is the same in every other way, and many people may actually prefer the stealthier white plastic look.

The original $169.99 price of the Nest Thermostat E was already competitive, but Woot now has them for $109.99 brand new. For this price, it’s hard to say no. With the comfort and money savings it brings, $110 is a small price to pay. Hit the source link and pick yours up as this offer is limited!

Source: Woot

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