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Snapchat’s new Spectacles are water resistant and cost $149


Way back in September of 2016, Snapchat creator Snap, Inc. launched its first physical product: a pair of sunglasses called Spectacles that could record video, but couldn’t take photos.

Those proved to be pretty popular for the company, with lines cropping up all over the United States as Snap launched vending machines in random spots to sell the product. Unfortunately for Snap, that excitement for the product didn’t last long, with the company making more devices than they could sell, and reports that owners didn’t actually use them for very long. Now, more than a year later, we have a new pair of Spectacles to buy.

Snap unveiled the new camera-equipped glasses earlier today. They have a similar design to the original pair, which means you’ll still have the single camera on the right side, and the light indicator to tell everyone around you that you’re recording. They are a bit thinner than the first generation product, though. New Spectacles owners will be able to record 10 seconds of video with a single press of a button, or up to 30 seconds of content with another press. Press and hold to snap a photo.


The biggest new feature for this year’s Spectacles, though, is the inclusion of water resistance. You will be able to take a photo or record video in “shallow water”, and owners will be able to use the glasses in the pool or when it’s raining.

Snap says the new Spectacles can capture 70 videos on a single charge, and that the included charging case can recharge the glasses up to four times.

You get all of that for $149.99, which his $20 more expensive than the first iteration of Spectacles. They are available right now.

There are three frame colors to choose from, each of which offers two distinct lens colors: Black frames comes with Moonlight and Eclipse lens colors, Ruby frames offer Daybreak and Sunset lens options, and the Sapphire frames have Twilight and Midnight lens colors.

Do you plan on picking up the new Spectacles?

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