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Sony announces X Mount accessory to mount your phone on a DualShock 4 controller


The PlayStation 4 has a feature called Remote Play which allows you to play your console games on the go on your supported Xperia smartphone. To make this easier, Sony has announced the X Mount accessory.

The X Mount is a bracket that attaches to a Sony DualShock 4 controller and allows you to mount a smartphone to it. The setup is much like third-party Bluetooth controllers for mobile games, but it gives you the full DualShock functionality for PS4 games.

The price and availability are not yet official, but it’s a cool accessory if you’re one of the few people that has a Sony Xperia phone. Playing console games on the go is an awesome feature, but it’s a shame that you need to have a Sony device to take advantage of it.

Via: Android Community

Source: Sony Mobile

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