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Spotify revamps its free tier and drops shuffle-only requirement


Over the years, Spotify has put a considerable amount of focus on the features and design of the paid version of Spotify, letting the free tier wallow in the state it debuted in back in 2014.

That is changing beginning today, as Spotify has just announced some major changes for the free tier of its app. First and foremost, the free version of Spotify will no longer be based solely on radio-like shuffle listening experiences. Users will be able to listen to on-demand to whatever song they want, as many times as they want. However, the songs have to be within one of Spotify’s 15 personalized discovery playlists, which includes Today’s Top Hits, Discovery Weekly, and Release Radar.

Going further with playlists, Spotify is also going to build recommendations based on existing user-made playlists, which it is calling “assisted playlisting”. So when you search for a specific song you want to add to a playlist, Spotify’s recommendation system will work behind the scenes to automatically recommend some more songs to add to that burgeoning collection of songs.


A couple of other new additions include a new data saver mode which will┬ácut data consumption by up to 75 percent while streaming. And last but certainly not least, Spotify will now let free customers choose their favorite artists, which will help the recommendation system build upon an individual’s tastes.

There will still be ads that play in the free tier. This is how Spotify pays for the option, but the streaming company also sees the ads as a way to incentivize free customers to make the jump to the paid subscription model.

Are you a Spotify user? Do you use the free tier or are you a subscriber?

Source: TechCrunch

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