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T-Mobile and Sprint are reportedly talking about a merger again

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Some rumors refuse to go away, and a potential merger between T-Mobile and Sprint in the United States is one of them. It looked like we might’ve seen the last of it last year, but now we’re right back on track with new reports suggesting the two wireless carriers are back in conversations.

Both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are reporting today that T-Mobile and Sprint are once again holding informal talks about a potential merger between the two carriers. This would be the third time these sorts of talks have happened in four years.

Last year, Sprint and T-Mobile ended talks with one another after the two companies were unable to reach “agreeable terms”. SoftBank, which is the largest shareholder of Sprint, wasn’t a fan of the idea that the head of the company, Masayoshi Son, wouldn’t have a role where final decisions could be made for the combined companies.

T-Mobile has change quite a bit since 2014, with the “Un-carrier” growing quite a bit in subscriber numbers. Back when these initial talks first kicked off all those years ago, T-Mobile was the fourth-largest in the United States and Sprint was in third place. But that’s no longer the case, with T-Mobile taking a firm lead over Sprint. As such, T-Mobile’s bargaining chips have grown quite a bit.

And while the two companies were unable to find common ground for a merger last year, it looks like the two are ready to go back to the table. Whether or not anything will come of it, though, remains to be seen.

If the past dictates the future, well, we might all be able to see where this is going.

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