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Updated Gmail UI appears in leak


Google is planning to redesign Gmail for web to bring it more in line with the features and design offerings of Inbox and the Gmail mobile app. The Verge has obtained screenshots of the new UI, giving us a look at what Google has in store. The design now features elements of Google’s Material Design standard along with plenty of new features that bring Gmail up to date.

Smart replies, a carryover from Inbox, are being added to Gmail. Incoming emails will automatically be analyzed and Gmail will suggest replies or starting notes for messages. Another feature from Inbox that’s making its way to Gmail is the ability to snooze messages until a specific date and time. This makes it easy to avoid the distraction of an email thread until you’re ready to reply.


Another major change is the addition of a sidebar. This sidebar can display your Google Calendar, Google Keep for taking notes, or a list of your tasks. This should simplify scheduling via email, as users will be able to view their agenda and available time slots without switching tabs.

Three layouts will be offered. The default layout highlights photos and attachments, a comfortable view doesn’t highlight attachments, and a compact view increases the amount of messages visible on a single page. The compact view is most similar to the current Gmail layout.

Gmail has long been in need of a refresh. When Google launched Inbox in 2014, it introduced a radical transformation that left many wondering where Gmail stood. But the two services remain separate from one another and Inbox may be a testing ground for new Gmail features. In any case, Gmail users should be pleased to finally see a refresh of the web app.

The redesign is currently being tested an will likely be launched at Google I/O 2018, which begins on May 8.

Are you a fan of the new Gmail UI?

Source: The Verge

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