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Verizon opens enrollment for Total Mobile Protection until May 31


Smartphones and tablets are expensive devices, so picking up an insurance plan to cover those devices can be a pretty important move. For folks who are preparing to go on a trip and who don’t already have protection for their devices, Verizon is opening up enrollment for its insurance program to get customers covered.

Verizon is opening its enrollment option for Total Mobile Protection. The new enrollment period begins today, April 2, and it will be live until May 31. During that stretch, Verizon subscribers who haven’t already enrolled in their insurance program can choose to add the option to their account for the monthly fee.

That breaks down like this:

  • Smartphones and Smartwatches: $13 per month per line
  • Basic Phones and Tablets: $10 per month per line
  • Multi-Device Support: $39 per month (for three lines)
  • Each Additional Line (4-10): $9 per month per line

As far as what subscribers get for that coverage, Total Mobile Protection offers next-day replacements, a Tech Coach that’s accessible through an app on your phone, and most repair options that can be handled same-day from repair centers for deductibles starting at $29.

Here are the coverage bullet points:

  • Next day replacement: Time is of the essence when something happens to your phone or tablet. Only Verizon offers next-day device replacement for claims up until midnight ET, including Saturday delivery.
  • Convenient domestic repairs options: You have multiple options for getting a same day repair, all for a low $29 deductible. Choices include taking it to one of 325 authorized repair locations, having a repair technician come to your home or office in more than 360 cities, or simply mailing it in.
  • Next-level international support: If you lose or damage your smartphone while traveling abroad, only Verizon will ship a next-day replacement phone internationally. If you need to get your screen repaired at a local shop while out of the country, you will still receive quick reimbursement from Verizon.
  • Technical help made easy: Get the most of out of your devices with Tech Coach. With just one tap, you can connect to our live team of experts who can help transfer content, explain error messages and manage connected devices.
  • Protection for multiple lines: Save money on multiline coverage with Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device for only $39/month. You can also protect up to seven more lines at $9/month, per line.

Having some kind of insurance plan on your smartphone or tablet can mean the difference between forking over just a small amount of cash to get something fixed or replaced, versus having to replace the entire unit for the full retail price.

Do you have insurance coverage for your devices?

Source: Verizon

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