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YouTube Remix may usher in the demise of Google Play Music


Back in December, we heard that YouTube was working on its own streaming music option. At the time, the team had already secured a deal with at least one major label, and the report indicated that they were working on securing the other labels as well. There were some questions regarding the future of Google Play Music, since it didn’t seem likely that Google would need two streaming music services out there.

Now¬†Droid-Life has a report that aims to shed some light on that, and for fans of Google Play Music, it doesn’t sound like good news. Based on information gathered from unnamed sources, it sounds like Google is planning on ending Google Play Music altogether and transitioning existing customers over to YouTube Remix. New customers would obviously be using YouTube Remix, with Play Music no longer an option.

What’s more, Google is said to be planning on forcing folks off Google Play Music and migrating them to YouTube Remix. There aren’t any details on how Play Music will be phased out, but it sounds like the final sunset for that service will be around the end of the year.

There’s no word on what happens with existing customers’ Play Music library and playlists, either. YouTube Remix, as far as the rumors are concerned, is a concerted effort by Google and the YouTube team to launch a service that is more in line with how Spotify and Apple Music utilize their services: with recommendations and customized playlists.

Do you think YouTube Remix should put an end to Google Play Music?

Source: Droid-Life

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