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ZTE Iceberg one-ups the notch trend by using two notches


Now that we’re seeing lots  of  phones come to market with a display notch, what can a company do to make its notch phone stand out? Add two notches.

The ZTE Iceberg features two display notches: one at the top of the screen and one at the bottom. These notches aren’t just for looks, though, as ZTE has added speakers to the front of the Iceberg.

Also of note is that the Iceberg is made using two pieces of glass that are combined to form a unibody design. There’s wireless charging included along with a dual rear camera setup and a rear fingerprint reader. Along with its dual notches, the screen has slim bezels and rounded corners.

The ZTE Iceberg is currently a concept device, so it’s not known when or if it’ll ever actually launch. It looks like a nice device, though, offering an attractive glass unibody look and an all-screen design that makes good use of its dual notches.

Would you buy the ZTE Iceberg if it launched to the public?


Via: WinFuture

Source: iF Design

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