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Amazon Alexa can be set as default Android assistant


Amazon Alexa can now be set as the default assistant on Android devices. Google’s Assistant software comes as the default assistant on every Android device, though users have been able to set Microsoft Cortana as the default assistant for some time. Amazon Alexa is more prevalent than Cortana and will likely become a favorite for Android users who are dedicated to Amazon services and use Echo devices in their homes.

It should be noted that setting Amazon Alexa as the default assistant only allows users to activate Alexa by long-pressing the home button. Voice prompts, such as “Okay, Google,” and squeeze prompts, as is available for the Google Assistant on the Pixel 2, are not available when users set a third-party app as the default assistant software.

Though the implementation isn’t perfect, support for Alexa as the default Android assistant will be a boon for many users. Alexa is well-respected for its integration with a wide range of apps and services. Though the Google Assistant provides improved natural language processing, Alexa has far better integration with other apps and services.

Are you planning to use Alexa as the default assistant on your Android device?

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