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Android Messages 3.2 will add a quick way to copy 2FA codes


If you have two-factor authentication turned on, which you should for all the services that offer the security feature, then a new version of Android Messages is aiming to make copying those 2FA codes a little easier.

Right now, if you request a code and have it sent to you by a text message, it means you must go back to your messaging app, copy the code, go back to the app you were trying to access, and then paste the code to move forward. It’s not the easiest process, but it’s better than not having 2FA turned on. Google is aiming to make it a bit easier.

Android Messages version 3.2 has the ability to parse 2FA codes within a text message and offer a quick option to copy. So instead of having to go through the routine to copy by holding on the bit of text you need, there will be a simple, straightforward pop up just above the text entry box that will offer a faster way to copy the necessary code.


It reduces the steps only a little, but it should speed things up enough to make a dent.

This new feature appears to be tied to the upcoming Android Messages update, bumping the version up to 3.2. However, at the time of publication, only version 3.0 is available in the Play Store. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the feature to roll out to the public.

Via: Android Police

Source: Reddit

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