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Google ADT-2 is a new Android TV device for developers


The mystery of the Google dongle that appeared in the FCC database last month has been solved.

Google today confirmed the ADT-2, a new Android TV dongle that’s the follow-up to 2014′s ADT-1. Unfortunately for anyone that would be interested in buying a new Android TV device from Google, the ADT-2 won’t be sold to consumers. Instead, it’s being given away to developers at Google I/O.

If you’re wondering why Google won’t sell the ADT-2 to the public, it’s because the Android TV team isn’t responsible for making consumer hardware. Google has a hardware team for that.

The Google ADT-2 is powered by an AMLogic 905X chipset, reports Android Police, which is the same processor inside Amazon’s Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD. Also included in the ADT-2 is 2GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and support for both 4K60 and HDR.

It’s disappointing that the ADT-2 isn’t being sold to consumers, because Google hasn’t launched a new Android TV device since the Nexus Player, which was pulled from the Google Store two years ago. That means that if you want a new Google-made Android TV device, you’ll have to either try to get one of these ADT-2 models from a developer friend or just keep waiting and hoping for a new consumer device.

Source: Android Police

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