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Google Assistant adding Continued Conversation, Pretty Please, John Legend, and more


Google I/O is still going strong, and of course Google Assistant got plenty of time to show off on stage. The company not only unveiled new voices for the digital personal assistant, but new features meant to make it easier to use.

The announcements for Google Assistant started with the reveal that the personal assistant will soon support six new voices. The new options sounded pretty great, but the one really stand out new addition is singer/songwriter John Legend. His voice is being added to the mix, too, and you can hear it starting later this year in “certain contexts”.

One of the other new features is the ability to not have to say “Hey Google” all the time to get the digital personal assistant to get things done. This new feature is called Continued Conversation, and basically it allows for Assistant to keep listening to further queries as you speak. It will launch in the next few weeks. In the demonstration, Google showed asking the Assistant if a basketball team won, then, after getting the response, quickly asking when their next game is.


The results are natural and fluent and should make using Google Assistant even easier.

Google says there was a concern that kids might become bossy because they are telling Assistant to do things all the time, and as a result, they are introducing a feature called “Pretty Please”. This will see Assistant being grateful and saying things like, “Thanks for asking so nicely” when a kid says please during their query. This new feature will be arriving later this year as well.

Last but not least, “Multiple Actions” are an easy way to get a variety of things done in just one query. So asking Assistant to turn on the lights, turn on the TV, and even start the popcorn machine will also be supported in the near future as well. And you can even ask random questions all at once, like who the Governor of California was during a set timeframe and when a basketball player was drafted to a team.

What do you think of these new Assistant features?

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