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Google Assistant on Wear OS gets more functionality


Despite Wear OS getting little love from manufacturers, Google is still improving the wearable operating system. The latest batch of improvements are for Google Assistant.

The previously announced Actions are now coming to Wear OS. This will allow you to interact with third-party devices and apps using your voice on your watch rather than your phone.

Also added are smart suggestions. Once you ask a question and Assistant answers, you’ll get suggestions to further the conversation with a single tap. For example, if you ask for today’s weather, it may suggest a weekly forecast.

Lastly, you can now get results using the built in speaker or a Bluetooth audio device rather than reading the results on your display.

These new features are rolling out starting today, but it may be a few days before everyone starts getting them. Let us know when you see them on your Wear OS watch!

Source: Googel Blog

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