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Google Maps is adding new Explore and For You sections, more


Google is not forgetting Google Maps, one of its most popular apps and services, as it uncovers a few new brand new features.

Google is not only making it easier to find new places you might be interested in, but also sharing those new hot spots with your contact list and much more. First up is the new Explore section, which is keeping up the standard job description of finding places to eat, check out a local event, and much more. But now you will see new trending lists, which includes things like the Foodie List, a compilation of locations that have been rated well by local experts and trusted publishers. Google’s own algorithms will be working behind the scenes to try to work out new spots for users to check out as well.

Going further, if you select a location you will get a more personalized approach to each venue. Google Maps users will see a number as part of the new “Match” system. This number is meant to represent how well you might like a place based on a variety of information gathered by Google, including what you’ve rated and visited in the past, your drink and food preferences, and other variables.

There is a new “For You” section as well, which will show you information about events and other local shenanigans based on communities users are interested in. So if a certain location is trending, or there is a new shop that has opened, this new section should populate that information for you. To make it easier, users will be able to select specific restaurants and venues to follow.

Finally, if you long-press on a location you can quickly share that spot with your friends, and they will be able to rank it and comment on it within the Maps app.

All of these new features will be rolling out to Android and iOS users over the coming months.

Source: Google Blog

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