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Google may introduce new Android controls to help monitor device usage


Addiction to technology has been a growing talking point over the years, with companies like Facebook and Apple bearing the majority of the weight.

Google has been included in the conversation, too, which makes sense considering the presence that Android has in the smartphone market and Google’s stamp on the internet as a whole. To address the public’s concerns, Google CEO Sunar Pichai may be making a few announcements at the Google I/O keynote tomorrow.

According to a report from The Washington Post, a major focus of tomorrow’s I/O keynote will be on responsibility and addressing some major concerns over how much time people spend on devices. Part of that conversation will be new tools for Android which will be designed specifically to help people monitor and manage device usage time.

Unfortunately, details are light in the report, so we don’t know what exactly Pichai will be going over just yet.

Today’s report also states that updates to Google Assistant will make it more “interactive” and that Google will introduce new tools for publishers to make their search results more accurate.

It sounds like Google is going to be talking about its own responsibility for personal data protection as well, so it will be interesting to see what that leads to moving forward, if anything.

It’s also worth noting that Google already has Family Link, which it introduced last year, that allows parents to monitor their kids’ time on devices and even remotely lock those devices.

Source: The Washington Post

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