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Google News offers deep coverage info and Newscasts


Google News is a new service from the tech giant that unifies news for users in a single spot, offering comprehensive coverage and simplified following of trusted news sources. The new app immediately displays a briefing of the top five recommended stories at the top of the feed, with more suggested stories below.

Google News will use AI to learn about user’s interests, without users needing to manually add their interests. Additionally, Google News will bring in relevant videos from news sources and YouTube.

Google is introducing a feature called Newscasts. This feature is a preview of a story that brings in quotes, images, videos, tweets, and more in a carousel view that can easily be swiped through.

The most important feature in Google News is the ability to “view full coverage.” Tapping on this button will allow users to see coverage from multiple sources about a single story. Also included will be analyses, fact checks, quotes, and social coverage of the store. View full coverage is designed to bring a 360-degree view of stories, helping users to gain a more comprehensive understanding of news stories.

Google News also simplifies following and subscribing of new sources. Users can follow and subscribe to their favorite publishers with a single tap. For subscriptions, users will be billed through their Google Account and news from subscriptions will appear in Google Searches and more.

Google New is launching for Android, iOS, and web in over 127 countries, with availability beginning today.

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